Aquaponics is an incredible system of harmony between plants and fish. The diagram shows the interartion between fish producing amonia (fish poo) which gets broken down by good bacteria into nitrates which feed the plants. 

There is no waste from this system unlike aquaculture or hydroponics which requires full system flushing of water regularily. 

Aquaponics is fully organic, and the way of the future of sustainable agriculture


But, at Atomic 6, that's not enough. We have taken this ancient system and added some tech. The result is mass produced food, in a thermally stable facility fully powered by nature. These can be established anywhere in the world, including regions such as UAE or Middle Eastern areas where water is so incredibly precious and heat affects normal greenhouses or traditional ways of food production. 


One option, this solar and wind powered, 7.2m high facility allows for huge production using minimal land. This is fully sustainable in terms of food and energy. 

The walls and roof is clad by solar, over the top of a composite sandwich wall which has incredible strength and thermal properties. It is fully sealed allowing for better control of the environment. 

Recent discussions with European Agriculture agencies has drawn focus towards better outcome with piggeries and with issues created by their waste. Our solutions are incredible. They are the true example of circular economy and nil waste. A sneak preview of the model is below:


Check out a very basic overview of the circular outcomes of this facility in the below PDF link. For more information you will need to contact us directly. 

What really has us excited is 'DiverCity Farm'. This has taken one parcel of land, many global issues and combined into what we are describing as 'multi-layered farming'. There is too much to mention here, so have a quick look at this very armature video we threw together, along with some presentations on why this is so exciting. 

For the entire system to make complete sense, you really need to view all documentation as each is a component of the total solution. 

For enquiries about H2Organic or DiverCity Farm, please contact our partner BPG: