Rapid Deployment Shelter (RDS)

'Temp accomodation thats better than your permanent one'

Our Rapid Deployment Shelters have been designed to be quick to assembly, easy to deploy and self-sufficient when operating. Starting off with our standard solar cladding and composite panel system, Atomic 6 has added a number of key features to the design to ensure that our product delivers whatever the situation.


Our features include;

  • Atmospheric Water Generator

  • Grey Water Treatment System

  • Incinerator Toilet System

  • Solar Cladding

  • SAR Acrylic Glass

  • Battery Storage System

  • Water Storage System

  • Easy Lift Hinges

  • Adjustable Jockey Leg System

  • Hybrid Flooring


  • 2 Bedroom

  • Kitchen/Meals/Living Area

  • Study Nook

  • Storage Space

  • Bathroom


Our Jockey Leg System allows the modules which measure 14m in length to be transported in one piece to the site and be deployed by simply raising the legs and driving the truck out from underneath. No need for crane trucks or cranes on site. Additionally, each jockey leg operates independently meaning the site location does not need to be perfectly level so need for large machinery.

Through incorporating self-sufficient technologies our product removes the need for electrical, sewage and water services meaning this is the perfect response for people eager to move in or governments looking for a faster way to provide housing to communities affected by natural disaster.

To assist in the quick move in process we have provided;


  • Storage Capacity

  • Kitchen Bench + Cupboards w/ Kitchen Sink

  • Fully Fitted Bathroom w/ Shower and Wash Basin

Additionally, if requested we can provide the RDS with White Goods.