Late 2019 Atomic 6 toyed with Tiny Homes, we created an incredible outcome we called the 'Smart Cabin'. Looking back, it was more a demonstrator into what could be done (in part us just showing off!). We also learnt so many reasons why Tiny Homes as we know them currently are flawed in design how they can be so much better. 

By then the 2019/2020 bushfires had devastated Australia and we quickly shifted focus to what seemed a more important application of our technology. However, what we learnt by doing this Smart Cabin was invaluable. The lessons have been brought to other projects mainly sustainable living, portable homes and temporary living (during bushfire rebuilds). 


This 'Smart Cabin' was donated to a bushfire victim who lost their home and had no insurance (67 year old single man). It was the only one built as we found that Tiny Homes on trailers were significantly inferior to other methods of transportable homes. 

So we are now creating portable homes that are so much more. Using all our tech crammed into neat packages, we can create solutions for remote properties that are luxurious. Temporary accommodation that makes you feel like 'you are important' and deserve life's comforts.  


One thing we are passionate about is PROPER eco developments. Not just the housing, but the sewer, water, energy, food and waste. We are working with others to bring world-leading solutions which is something to be excited about. 

What is great about eco developments, is they can be anywhere, as they are not reliant on power, sewer or water connections to the property. 

Rapid Deployment Shelter (RDS)

Our Rapid Deployment Shelters have been designed to be quick to assembly, easy to deploy and self-sufficient when operating. Starting off with our standard solar cladding and composite panel system, Atomic 6 has added a number of key features to the design to ensure that our product delivers whatever the situation.


Our features include;

  • Atmospheric Water Generator

  • Grey Water Treatment System

  • Incinerator Toilet System

  • Solar Cladding

  • SAR Acrylic Glass

  • Battery Storage System

  • Water Storage System

  • Easy Lift Hinges

  • Adjustable Jockey Leg System

  • Hybrid Flooring


  • 2 Bedroom

  • Kitchen/Meals/Living Area

  • Study Nook

  • Storage Space

  • Bathroom


In August of 2021, after a period of not wanting to spend time on transportable / 'Tiny Homes', we have been engaged to produce a more logical solution in terms of size, logistics and livability. This transportable home below is 3.5m wide x 9.6m long which is reasonably simple to transport. The structure is a mild steel chassis frame with composite & aluminum honeycomb core, it can be lifted from the top (crane truck to transport and lift into position). This is fully fitted out and ready to live in. AUD$115,000 with all our cool stuff incorporated into the build. 


PDF of the preliminary plans available here