Traditional Concrete Slabs, but smarter

We are very aware of the general consumer's caution with our highly innovative system. Perhaps using high-tech materials is too much too soon for many. So we are trying very hard to integrate old with the new.

Nothing is more assuring to most traditionalists than a concrete slab.

Our system doesnt need it, and we have a better way to do this quicker with less movement over time. However we have taken the traditional slab and modified a little so it can integrate with our composite system.

Typical concrete slabs have a rebate, and for brick veneer is it demanded by the BCA. These rebates are more work for a concreter and results in less perfection in a slab.

We cannot get around this need for a rebate (nor do we want to), but our system when done modular via truck & crane generally needs a floor to tie everything together. So we will be using this floor as the rebate. This means that a concreter now only needs to pour a 'square; block-like slab with no rebate which is quicker and easier for them (meaning expectant cheaper rate to do).

We have worked with our adhesive company to find an adhesive which will work well for bonding the composite panel (perfectly straight floor) to an uneven concrete slab. The result is a 'foaming' polyurethane adhesive that has a high bond strength when at least one of the surfaces is porous (concrete) then any voids are filled by the foaming of the adhesive.

This adhesive is water resistant, but we will still apply a perimeter seal to ensure no water can penetrate at all. I feel this will be demanded of the system anyway by the building surveyor.

Next we are drawing on some innovation we worked on a few years back using a reinforcement method within the concrete called micro-fibre. A company called Helix does this a lot in commercial construction but almost none in residential for a couple of reasons. The use of millions of fibres of stainless steel twisted pieces saturated throughout the concrete mix was designed by the American Defense Force (I think, or NASA?) and is a very smart idea. Much quicker to do and a better result in end. Strong in all directions and every cm2 is strong.

So this is something we will work on producing for our system. Of course for the people who are still shy of even this level of innovation, we can still do standard concrete slabs and integrate the same way.

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