Tiny Home # 1

Production started on Monday for 'Tiny Home # 1' for a company called Mini Mansions. This is a custom designed tiny that is like no other. Using our composite system, our R4.2 wall / ceiling system and a heap of glass, this 12m long x 3.5m wide (once expanded) could potentially be the best tiny on the planet in terms of tech.

Yesterday we placed the order for the solar roof tiles. The cost was huge, but more scary was the power production of this beast. The 54m2 of roof cover equates to a 5kW system!!! The average 3-4 bed home would be very happy with 5kW.

The only reason we decided to proceed with this solar roof is because its COOL!!! Super impressive and simply showing off.

The bathroom floor was made using our new automated way (waterjet) using a stunning marble series (see previous blog). 10.0m long 4.5T trailer just ordered from Bills Trailers.

Flooring to be laid later this week using a parquet tile.

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