Thermal Test

Our 10 x test specimens were delivered to CSIRO Clayton last week. Today we got results. For our standard wall we have achieved an R rating of R4.2!!!! This is crazy. Expected, but crazy.

If you refer to our initial aims we wanted to able to reach 7 star energy efficient houses. We also predicted an R rating of R4.3 around 11 months ago. Back then it was an extreme goal, but now we can boast this characteristic. Its a little early, but a prediction is we will be comfortably getting 8 stars for our houses without even trying.

So now lets put this into perspective.

  • A typical house with the highest R value insulation possible for a 90mm stud has a wall R value of R2.0

  • A typical house that a standard builder provides is around R1.75

  • A standard house only has external walls and roof / ceiling insulated - no subfloor, no internal walls

  • Atomic 6 has a wall R value of R4.2 which is almost triple the performance of a standard Victorian house; but wait... this is only considering the walls

  • Atomic 6 has every internal wall with same system / R value

  • Atomic 6 has the subfloor insulated - the difference is that it is 320mm thick of same insulation system, which as a guess is closer to R9.0 or R10.0 (if you scale it is R11.65)

  • Atomic 6 system is airtight in terms of the walls, floor and ceiling

So we see a significant improvement here against the current building standards in Australia. We will now organise a thermal assessment in terms of a '6 Star Energy Rating' while incorporating our standard double glazed windows / doors and see how this equates in terms of 'stars'. Exciting stuff!...

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