Testing - Acoustic

Testing today at CSIRO Clayton for the acoustic properties of our single wall standard. This included a fire barrier for the reason that in pretty much every situation where acoustic compliance is required, so is fire.

Our test was for a single wall, however the class 2 apartment (party wall) is usually double wall and often with an air gap or concrete structure.

So you cannot 'double' the test and assume Rw 68, but when compared to similar structures in the 'CSR RedBook' it seems when the time comes we will achieve the Rw 50 quite comfortably.

At this stage the full test results haven't been presented to us, but the data and graphs observed on the day showed that our system performed exceptionally for higher frequency (as explained to us; the 'annoying noises') but poorer for the lower frequencies. The quickest explanation is that because we have such a lightweight system, less density is poor for lower frequencies.

So the addition of a brick party wall, or concrete etc should fix this when it comes time to doing apartments. For class 1 residential houses where we will double the wall we more than exceed the requirements.

Reasonable result which is all that we aimed for.

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