The team in the Civil Engineering Dept at Deakin Geelong have proposed a very comprehensive strength testing regime that look at all facets that the BCA requires but additional considerations.

We have also developed a new foundation system that needs to be tested also.

The issue is that this is all a very expensive exercise that wasnt allowed for. So we got the industry facilitators from Deakin involved and they have applied for a government grant to aide in some of these costs.

Good news - today this was approved (in principal) and within the next 2 weeks the admin side will be sorted and we can begin this exciting chapter.

The program of what is to be tested has already been developed. All testing will be done by the Civil Engineering Dept using the Deakin test equipment and a report will be produced where a separate certified engineer will check this information and 'sign off' for use by building surveyors and construction process in general.

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