Solar Roof

As part of our system we are doing a new way of roofing (for low sloped roofs) via the diagram below:

The roof will start with a block of Polyurethane (PU) rigid foam, then we will use the CNC machine to shape a roof. Then we will use a fibreglass chopper gun to cover this foam in fibreglass which should already be reasonably water tight. However, we will then spray a layer of Polyurea to the top to completely seal the roof. Very quick and very water tight (structure not an issue as below structure will support this).

The issue is that Polyurea is not UV stable.

So we thought we will be smart and do 2 things at once by then adding a thin, flexible solar cell system over the top. It will be bonded to the roof system. This will stop the UV coming through while also providing solar energy. See below:

(above is image of an actual house extension we are doing in a heritage overlay so house design is done very purposely in conjunction with council)

We are doing deals with suppliers to make this affordable and then will look at ways to incorporate batteries as part of our structure or in voids unable to be used for other reasons.

If anyone out there knows more about batteries and how to do this better I would love to hear from them.

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