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As much as we do not really want to get into doing car ports or sheds, as our (original) system is designed for more complex houses and thermal reduction, solar etc etc, we have been asked to find a solution for a winery to create 100kW of power. One of the options was via car ports.

Initially the brief seem outside what we want to get involved with, however very quickly we have realised it will tie in well with some 'secret' works / projects that we have been working on over the past 6 months.

One of the developments is a solar 'cassette'. Just like a tilt-panel for concrete warehouses, we can pre-build a thermal, semi-structural cassette that produces 2kW of energy which is all pre-wired ready for connection on site. We may release a blog at some stage more about this, as the outcome is incredibly exciting for industrial applications.

Anyway, using the same principals, we can easily make sheds, car ports etc.

As we are still working hard in NSW doing bushfire recovery, many farmers or landowners at the beginning asked about sheds where we said we are not the right firm to be doing that. But now we feel we have a fantastic solution.

The shed would be a hybrid between typical steel frame (portal) and we attach the solar cassettes to the roof and walls. The dimensions would need to be specific to what we are best suited to produce, but this is not very limiting.

Anyway, not a market we are interested in, but certainly a good solution if anyone wants to build a kick-ass shed that will power their house!

This open structure is designed to compliment the house adjacent which has lattice window features and a glass / steel roof atrium. Too fancy for a farm, but shows what is possible.

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