Sexy Foundations

Now we have lodged a provisional patent on the foundation we can talk about it a little more. Its still in development with Deakin to ensure structural integrity, but what we have is something really special.

Its actually quite simple, however the system is very special in what it can provide in terms of

  • cost

  • speed

  • strength

  • internal storage

Perhaps the coolest part is the 'Helix' piers that are designed for a few reasons, but number one is the twist within them will stop any movement from within the concrete footing. They act as their own re-enforcement, so no need for additional steel reo within the concrete footing.

The footing is fabricated in the factory, but this can all be fully installed on a building site in one day! This includes excavation of the bored piers, pouring of concrete and setting of the foundation.

Production of the first foundation will start in around 2-3 weeks with the first foundation aimed to be installed on site around 14th June 2019. They will be set up to house the Vanadium Flow Batteries we are developing - however they will need to be added over the coming months rather than included pre-install.

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