Response to Fair Trade NSW press release

In response to the over-stated and very disappointing nature of the claims released by the media department of Fair Trade NSW, we continue to work with home owners to resolve any outstanding matters.

Atomic 6 are manufactures using a Section 68 method of construction which is lawful and something we have been doing from the beginning of our time in NSW. The license they mention is for non-factory builds which is not our market. This is factual, and confirmed by the legal department of the MBA-NSW. This was clearly illustrated to Fair Trade, however the recent release fails to clarify this, nor explains that this is the only method that we build. Section 68 manufactured homes are only related to NSW, this has nothing to do with other states.

We are not taking on new residential work in any state of Australia.

Out of respect to our clients, 3 weeks ago we offered everyone the choice to continue, or to have refunds. We are committed to supporting those who want help, happy to release those who do not or who are concerned, but it is their choice and we are respectful of this.

The claim of demolition orders and that inclusion speaks to the misguided nature of the release. To this date, Atomic 6 has not been informed of any such order. If there is, we will rectify what ever needs to be addressed. Bega council have confirmed that no order exists.

There is also a defamatory claim of client money being used for personal expenses. This relates to a period of 10 months which in their investigation alleged $34,950 over 37 transactions was taken for personal expenses from June 2020 to May 2021. This is true. I (Andrew) do not take a salary from the company. During this period I slept on a blow up mattress in the factory for 3 months to save every dollar possible. This $34,950 are drawings (the equivalent of a directors wage). This means an income of $34,950 over 10 months / 304 days working 80 hour weeks! This equates to $9.90 per hour. This claim by this department is not only personal, it is unimaginably inappropriate in terms of the intention of the claim. The statement makes out that huge sums of money was stolen from client which could not be further from the truth. This act of a public claim of personal and misleading nature is an unlawful disgrace.

Moneys received were used to preorder materials, set up a new factory in a new location appropriate and staffing for DAs, work etc etc. Throw in COVID boarder closures, lock downs, materials shortages, labor shortages, importing delays and expenses. So many people and business have come to these regions with the promise of help then soon disappear, just as the government did. We are still here, still working through all the impossible hurdles that continuously present.

Atomic 6 only came to this region on the back of promises from the Government and Charitable organizations which would have helped us to perform to our capabilities. However, the support didn't come, bushfire grants were rejected (due to Atomic 6 creating competition!) and no funding at all. No private or bank investment or funding even though it was regularly promised. We have underperformed due to funding, we have limped through all the issues with the non funding issues and done our best. We are still here. Even through this scrutiny and criticism, we are still here.

Our clients have direct access to Atomic 6, they have our support and understanding where ever this may lead. No client will be left without either new homes or a financial refund if this is their preference.

The bushfire regions are still a mess. People are broken, so are we. This government should be helping, not making it harder for everyone.

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