Replacement of Sandwich Core

A request went out today for a better alternative to aluminium honeycomb core for the sandwich panels. Really not for any reason other than production as alu honeycomb is hard to expand perfectly and then align to make good transitions between one panel and the next. Someone else mentioned that the transfer in heat will reduce our R Rating a lot - even though it provides more thickness, it will reduce the thermal properties.

A product came back which I saw earlier at ACS-A which is loosely called 3D Fibreglass Fabric which is a high-tech weave which incorporates the core and the outer fabric in one process.

The pic to the side is of the raw material pre resins. its core is woven in a way where it wants to push up making the process easy to do.

Of course it is more expensive - around 3 x the price of aluminium honeycomb.

But.... It will be a better bond, much quicker production process (this is essential for us) and comes in 40m rolls.

We have just ordered our first 40m roll to test this and make sure that the extra cost is worth it. Being air-freighted now as we dont have time to lose.

Below is a pic of the finished product. You can see the amount of fibres in the core - these will help both with acoustic properties (sound waves bouncing off in all directions) and the thermal will be much better than aluminium.

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