Production Insights

I would like to share some insights into some of our production processes.

The way we make the structural beams and sandwiches we still need to keep under wraps, but the general production and perfection in cosmetic finishes is something we are very proud of. The speed in which this happens is remarkable - allowing our goal of super fast quality manufacturing. This is 'Industry 4.0' as not currently seen in the construction industry.

We have mentioned the use of our large scale abrasive water-jet for cutting perfect bathroom floors / walls with cutout and shower bases, below is a video of this magic happening.

The outcome is a perfectly cut floor (in this case) which has the floor waste, shower 45deg cuts, and the door jam cut out.

This next video shows the base of a dwelling. The video shows the flooring being cut to the shape of the room.

Notice the wall locations have been cleared also, so when the walls are painted and finished they are simply lowered into this position for a perfect finish not requiring skirting to hide imperfections (only need minimal caulking).

This video shows the large scale CNC cutting machine shaping 90mm thick PU rigid foam. This machine can quickly cut perfectly square materials up to 3.5m wide x 12.0m long seamlessly.

Below is an image of a shaped wall core with electrical routing (this routing was developed with our electrician to be adaptable for now and future renovations.

Last video shows our filament winding machine creating a basalt fibre pier for foundations. Set and forget...

We are currently building and automated painting line; we will share some pics once completed.

Many other machines for making our process quick with precision, just a little boring to look at....

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