Preliminary Panels

We have pretty much finalized panel design and ready to start the testing to confirm the calculations are correct.

You can see from the chart above how extreme the engineering needs to be to achieve 9m span and how steep the 'curve' rises for every additional mm of span.

So what we have now is an understanding of what type of panel or what additives need to be applied depending on what the panel does and where it needs to span.

A small adjustment to the material properties happened at the end of this week, so a revised order for the test pieces was placed. We are hoping to receive these test pieces along with the vermiculite (we ended up placing an order for custom vermiculite to be exactly as per the final requirement). We hope to have these test pieces by around the 20th October.

Whats next:

  1. Shift focus to glues / adhesives

  2. Do initial heat testing (waiting on samples)

  3. Subject to initial heat testing (which is almost instant results), order Carbon Fiber structural members for larger scale testing (fire, strength, sheer & deflection)

  4. Once the larger scale testing is complete:

  • Prepare for certification testing (the real deal)

  • Commence setting up for commercial production (begin ordering materials and begin initial construction as the certification will be more a formality based on results we have already determined to be OK)

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