Precious Water

We are really enjoying the new challenge of servicing the requirements of rural bushfire prone living. Being faced with new challenges and requirements that are not wants, but needs.

During the week we spoke with a bushfire victim who lost her home near Moruya (Hi Michele!).

She didn't give a shit about our tech, the 2-pac painted cabinetry, stone bench tops or any of that silly stuff, she needed to understand how we capture water and retain this precious resource. She is a hardened local off-grid for many years. Water is her currency.

So this got us really thinking more about wasting water. We have already developed grey water treatment systems with reverse osmosis, this helps us reuse water, but we found hot water being an issue.

A hot water system, whether it be storage or instant is located at one point of the house. Pipes, both cold and hot travel through walls to get to the location of the tap. By the time the hot water reaches the tap, we have lost quite a bit of (cold) water down the drain.

Lesser issue is the power consumption to heat this water. As we turn off the hot water, the pipes from the tap back to the hot water system have all been wastefully heated.

So we have sourced this instantaneous mini-water heater.

These sexy little beasts are connected directly below the water outlet where they heat the water via a 5,500watt element up to around 45deg C. Pretty cool.

No wasted water, minimal use of power. Tick, tick.

It means we will need to buy one of these per room or water point, but now we dont need hot and cold water lines throughout the house, so we can off-set some of this cost by less labour. So this all makes sense.

We are a few days away from our first delivery of these where we will do a few tests to make sure OK for what we require.

More to come...

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