Lets put everything into perspective with what we have designed to date (subject to formal compliance testing).

The ceiling system we have created will easily span 9.0m!

PosiStruts are the industry leaders for traditional subfloor systems. They are one of the more expensive systems but one of the best in terms of performance; most engineers nominate them as standard. The data in the table below is based on their more expensive truss system (they have cheaper options with inferior performance):

The 302 is the most common and 450 centres is most typical for custom houses (not cheaper and nasty builders). So the max span they can achieve is 6.2m

So we are 3m better span (a lot) on a system only 220mm thick - the PosiStrut system 200mm thick can only span 4.3m - so this is HALF of what we can achieve.

This is a massive deal when it comes to custom houses where open plan and larger rooms is important.

The carbon fibre system will have less bounce, and it comes standard with insulation / noise dampening characteristics. Its in a different league in terms of performance.

NOTE: when engineer was explaining how they did the calculations it seems they only used the outer skins in the formula - if this is the case (will be confirmed next week in our meeting) plus the additional 2 layers of carbon fibre we added later this week, I predict we will get a span of closer to 12m!!!! Crazy!

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