Materials and Specs Finalised!!

Massive few of weeks of negotiations, comparing specs, ordering samples, getting prices, checking calculations and more. The results are outstanding.

We have aerospace glue from Australia which out performs any glues we could find (for this purpose) from any where around the world.

Carbon Fibre is coming from Germany from one of the most respected companies in the world. The specific way we are doing the carbon fibre (I dont think we will ever divulge how we are doing it) limits the material we can simply purchase of the shelf, so we have opted for a slightly thicker material (meaning stronger also).

We were sourcing Epoxy resin from France (but end quote was Euro90,000 per kilogram!!!) so China ended up winning that tender. BUT... the specs on it are far better than we need.

The polyurethane foam for the sandwich skins is B1 fire resistant which is the best resistance (same as Nomex honeycomb which they use for aeroplanes etc), however we dont even need fire resistance for normal walls - we are simply using this because we want an unbelievable product.

Decided to go for a thicker fibreglass for the skins even though we dont need to - this also means more resin to saturate the extra fibreglass.

Vermiculite we have increased in density just to be cautious.

We remind ourselves daily that we have a duty to the public to ensure these buildings are strong, safe and durable. However we also remind ourselves that what we have set out to do is something that is more typical of the aerospace industry, not the construction industry; meaning precision techniques, high-tech materials and innovative systems. We have ticked every one of these facets so far.

We have now confirmed 100% of the product that we need and pricing for each. Massive task completed.

Price?... Same as what it was 6 weeks ago. We have engaged an agent who is doing negotiation on our behalf and promising volumes of work. We are also getting pricing on the back of ACS-A who are extremely well regarded. The prices we are getting for these high performing materials is extremely good. So we still believe we can offer this system for same prices as other regular builders for traditional construction. Crazy hey?!

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