Our system pretty much has been unchanged and should remain that way until formal testing forces this to occur. So this has allowed us to push onto the manufacturing phase.

The manufacturing process has been probably our biggest challenge to date. On paper everything look great. The system is smart and makes sense, the materials we have devised are formulated to have quicker cure times and everything we have ever considered from the start must be able to be done on a large scale. However the rude awakening that we are manufacturing houses sets in and the scale of our task is clear.

So as a result of this realization much of our time is spent on better manufacturing processes and super cleaver (often simple) moulds and templates.

So the past few weeks have been slower than we hoped more as we design, fabricate, test then improve.

We have now mastered our large format CNC, spent many hours exploring and improving our process for filament winding and mandrel making. Later this week we will finalise our carbon fibre beam process for volume production and start a small production run. A lot of the results are currently sensitive and wont be discussed, but the results at the moment are very pleasing and sustainable.

Pretty much all the process we are doing now are done 80% manually but can be easily converted to automation / robotics or similar with a little bit of $$$. No process so far has been 'approved' unless there is a way to automate it. This perhaps is the main reason behind our delays with the manufacturing process as we are not considering compromise.

We are currently looking at an off-shore manufacturing factory where we can use our IP, our moulds and processes but mass produce parts then ship them to assembly factories (around the world) and make for a much more efficient process. Less cost, less pollution, less time.

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