There are a huge number of benefits in doing modular construction using composites over traditional building, one resultant advantage being lifting capabilities.

Traditional modular requires (generally speaking) a steel chassis below (heavy and deep height) and also some pretty hefty bracing to stop the module from twisting and wanting to collapse. The cheaper Chinese modules generally have a steel frame like a shipping container - so they are OK to lift from the top but they are restricted to widths (shipping dimensions) and are heavy and simply not something I want to place in the same conversation to what we are doing.

During this week we confirmed that due to every part of our system being a structural member and the entire monocoque works together in combating twist and strength, with only a simple hi-tensile steel eye bolt an steel plate bonded in close vicinity to a carbon fibre upright member, we are easily able to lift these modules from the top using only a conventional crane jig.

What this means is we can lower a module into perfect position.

Traditional cannot do this, and even if they strapped a harness around the module, there lies difficulties in removing the harness once the module is lowered (both from a joining side and below).

Each of our modules only (seems) to require 4 lifting points, however we will be allowing for 6 (or more where odd shape may require it). The hi-tensile steel bolt will be left within the structure, and the eye-bolt will be removed and reused. EASY!

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