Automated, Precision Tiling

We are well on our way to achieve a true Industry 4.0. This is the automation of production which is high on our list for every aspect of our system.

Today we produced our first bathroom floor.

A run of tiles (no cutting at all) was laid out on a substrate and allowed to dry. Then our waterjet just the shape of the room including door jam shape, plumbing penetrations and shower recess / drain.

The result was brilliant. Extremely clean, incredibly quick and something we are very proud of.

A similar process will be done in the future but on a larger (quicker) scale. Our waterjet is 2.5m wide x 6.0m long, so a large tile sheet will be made and multiple rooms / houses will be cut in one process.

We are already exploring having a robotic arm to lay the tiles. I feel by March - April 2020 this will be a reality.

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