Going Green?

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

The past week and a half has been very busy meeting with leaders in composites, went to a seminar about modular (they are now calling it "Off-Site Construction" as not everything is modular and done a heap of research).

There is a heap of info about modular construction and efficient / innovative construction. I even looked into Google investing into modular (off-site) construction and innovation. The issue is that I have yet to find ANYONE who is actually innovating and bringing anything new and exciting to the construction table.

The seminar I attended was nothing less than mediocre and talked about mainly buildings done recently - all using traditional techniques or standard modular steel construction... yawn....

I keep thinking back to what we are doing here and somehow feel weird like I have missed something. How could we be doing something so new and so innovative that there is such a massive gap between what the rest of the world seems to be doing. Am I blinded by the R&D and have missed something that will flaw what is going on? Every issue that these people are talking about, we have already addressed whether intentionally or simply via the inherent properties of what this system presents. So either what we are doing is so crazy exciting, or a massive flop about to happen because of something we haven't foreseen whether physical or technical or legal. Time will tell.

The only thing that I really got out of all this investigating and seminars, that typical to this industry, when something is mediocre, a builder will harp on things like 'renewable' or 'green' or similar. This is not something that is high on my agenda, but thinking forward it is something that will come up by consumers either looking to buy or looking to fault the system. The walls are already hugely thermal, this was enough for me.

By coincidence, I am looking to replace the aluminium honeycomb sandwich panel for a closed cell foam board (for specific reasons relating to increased efficiency I don't want to divulge here). So my search for this replacement board included the search term "recycled plastic foam". I found the perfect board being the right density, right rigidity and made from recycled plastic (bottles I suppose).

I also looked into fibreglass; being essentially made from sand, this is in the category of "rapidly renewable resource".

(updated on 13th June 2019). Since this post we have completely gone green. From mass battery storage to allow for 100% solar roof tiles, to hydro-generators and recycling our own off-cuts and manufacturing debris into fixtures within the dwellings. Many of this is not noted in the blog as the techniques we are using are custom developed and something we are protecting.

Soon we will get a report done on our carbon footprint to see just how well we have done. I expect there would be few that could match the outcomes that we are looking to achieve.

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