Game Day!

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

It gives us great please to announce that we have turned soil in our first bushfire rebuild in NSW {insert sigh of relief here}

We started manufacturing of our new fancy footings almost 2 weeks ago, but Chub our legend builder / site supervisor and his fancy site Setout system broke soil on Tuesday which is awesome. To put this into perspective:

  • 15th May was initial visit to Cobargo where we met some locals.

  • 1st June we were introduced to the amazing team at Minderoo (Mal James) where we were to create temp accom via a deal that would provide enough $$$ to help us set up a factory locally and really help on a larger scale.

  • Late July, the deal mentioned above was 'pulled' for reasons that you won't want to hear. So there is now no $$$ available for the establishment of a local factory. We had a meeting with all relevant Atomic 6 people, then decided we will come to NSW anyway, unfunded, basically no support. This was August 7th 2020. Officially we started in Moruya on 14th September after been locked out of NSW during border restrictions (couldn't get a permit because bushfire rebuild wasn't critical enough...)

Within 2 months, we have now set up the factory & showroom, paid and received initial manufacturing materials from overseas, applied and had approved DAs and building permits and now started construction on site in the middle of COVID. Faaaaaark........ Kind of hard to believe.

I think one of the main reasons we haven't been posting blogs or talking about what we are doing is because of the impossible challenge we set ourselves and didn't want to over promise and let people down.

We have such a great team and support from so many people in and around the South Coast of NSW. Now it's game day....

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