Fire Rated Panels

Over 15 months ago we looked into using vermiculite as a fire rated panel. We trialed a custom version and got exceptional results (see previous blog).

We have recently spent some effort developing our own panel using vermiculite as a base material as it will withstand more than 1,300degC - but we decided to make this panel structural also.

This is a flexiture test of the current vermiculite panel

The idea behind this was to support our carbon / basalt fibre structure to enable larger spans (good for commercial applications) while having EVERY wall we produce, including the facade, full fire proof. So this is ideal for any application now, including bush fire regions.

This is a flexiture test of the new 'structural' vermiculite panel

We always knew the fire rating would be good, but we have increased the strength by 63% from a typical vermiculite panel (which is already quite strong) to our version which due to some cleaver modifications and additions only costs around US$4 per m2 extra for us to produce. So going with our relentless goal of better for same price, this ticks the box.

We will be using this panel for our current projects of the 'Hive' and Smart Cabins for Bush-Fire temp accommodation.

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