One of the issues with using carbon fibre for construction is that carbon conducts a small amount of electricity.

Today we met with our electrician to go through this issue plus a few production related problem solving.

Earthing each panel is the answer to the conductivity issue. There is an easy way to do this via standard power 'fire box' which are metal and can be earthed - apparently this is how they build houses in America as standard - so we will look to adapt this same method. Using a box is something we want to do anyway to stop the spread of expanding foam which will be poured in the core after cables and pipes are roughed in. So this all works well.

Electrician also came up with another issue being that in Australia we need to have air circulating around the cables otherwise they will overheat. So the use of a conduit for each cable is the answer here - this also is a method used in America as they use Polyurethane (PU) foam for insulation which is basically what we will be using. So this is good news; that the solution to our issues is actually quite a standard practice in other countries.

Use of heat 'cups' will also be used for the ceiling downlights. This is already common in Australia. They can be used for earthing the ceilings.

Another great solution for connections of modules and method for circuits was discussed which is very simple - not sure if I want to reveal this solution yet...

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