Deakin Testing Summary

What an amazing week...

We have now tested each main component of the Atomic 6 system at Deakin University in Geelong. We learnt a lot and already have noted some improvements to the system; not that we need to...

In a nutshell, 'we dominated' all testing requirements. Below is a quick summary of all core tests:

  • Wall Strength - 114kN (on average a house requires 5kN)

  • Stump Strength - 362kN (need on average 7kN depending on location of stump)

  • Foundation Beam - max Moment approx. 19kN.m / max load of 23kN

  • Floor Strength - max Moment of 22.82kN-m / max load of 34.27kN (require around 4.5kN-m)

  • Ceiling Strength - max Moment of 22.82kN-m / max load of 34.27kN (require around 4.5kN-m)

  • Subfloor Strength - max Moment of 42.59kN-m with max load of 63.95kN-m (require around 7kN depending on location) - see below further comparison)

So the testing became somewhat a formality as we knew early that our system was 'next level' strong and resilient. There was another characteristic that got the engineers excited which is a great aspect of our system which we dont want to disclose just yet - but everyone was very happy.

To provide a comparison of where we are at, one of the hardest elements to achieve great loading without adding steel is the subfloor (floor between ground floor and second floor etc). In traditional construction once loads are high, large heavy steel beams are the answer.

Most common subfloor is a 300mm thick i-beam (smart joist / posi strut etc).

  • A 300x50 smart joist has a Moment of 14.7kN-m and max load of 17kN-m.

  • Atomic 6 subfloor of 320mm thick has a Moment of 42.59kN-m with max load of 63.95kN-m

This is almost 3 times the performance! Not 10% better or even 50% better which would be remarkable - 290% better. Better yet, once an i-beam fails the structure fails, with Atomic 6 system there is a secondary structure that holds the force which is great for situations like an earthquake - the initial force may make the core structure fail, but the floor will not fall like current systems allowing for safe evacuation.

All data is currently with our certifying engineer to examine, discuss and hopefully very shortly 'sign off' on our system. Exciting stuff!!..

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