Deakin Test # 2

Another outstanding test result from Deakin for structural testing. We dont have the formal results (verbal only at this stage) and they havent been interpreted yet by our certifying engineer. However...

This test was wrongly assumed to be our floor system. They performed a '4-point' bending test to determine the strength & flexure where the carbon fibre beams were parallel to the 115mm thick panel.

The average loading was 11.5kN

The standard seeks 5kN (or perhaps 5.5kN - I cant remember).

Deakin engineers suggest that we apply a safety factor of 0.6 (60%). So we now have a loading of 6.9kN to be used for certification which exceeds the standard by 38%. So this was good news and the Deakin boys were quite happy.

HOWEVER... as hinted earlier; their assumption was incorrect. This panel was a ceiling, not a floor. Our floor is a 205mm thick system with more carbon fibre and greater strength. Our proper floor system will be delivered to Deakin next week for testing. So we are expecting the results to be around 18kN - 20kN (11.4kN with safety factor) which is fantastic. But wait, it gets better...

Our floor isn't just this 205mm panel. Our sub-floor (between ground floor and first floor) is a bonded system of both the 115mm panel and the 205mm panel making the floor system 320mm thick. We will be testing the full system next week also, but a guesstimate places this at around 17.5kN inclusive of safety factor which places our system 350% stronger than it needs to be!!!

Further testing coming. Walls had a 'pre-test' 2 weeks ago, made some improvements for the formal testing this Monday coming. The pre-test saw some potential good results, however we had to deliver 'cleaner' samples and more of them which was delivered yesterday to Deakin.

We had a meeting with the testing engineers and some easy improvements were suggested. Funnily enough the 3 main suggested improvements suggested are things we have already been considering (cant elaborate here just yet). They wont cost anything more, and wont slow the process down, so we will implement asap and seek to increase our 350% over-engineering closer to 400%....

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