DC versus AC - Clean Energy

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

We have had the pleasure of teaming up with the very clever gentlemen of Flow Resources whom we are partnering with for water / sewer treatment (separate blog later) and battery management.

As part of a project we are doing for off-grid data centres, we developed a server which uses significantly less power. This is critical for anything off-grid. Really its critical for the entire world, as the first part of true carbon emission reduction is to first use less power, THEN work out how to power is required to be green - more on this another time.

Anyway, we have developed what we call 'Fusion' or Fusion Wall which has built in battery chargers, Battery Management System (BMS) and inverter all in the one package

THIS IS HUGE, as current systems rely on various brands and technologies in an assembly of hardware all needing to talk to each other.

Fusion also stores power via some fancy internal hardware and cleaver software which are great for manging peak power in and out. We will do an entire post on this system soon.

Batteries are the answer to clean energy. For more reasons than what is initially obvious. The main reason they are key is because a battery is DC power which is the same as solar panels or wind turbines - all are DC. So having all your generated power go direct from DC generation to DC storage (via a charge system) means there is very little losses, but more importantly most of the power generated can be used, whereas an inverter need to have strings of solar all at even voltage to be then converted etc etc - kinda stupid when you think about it.

There are a heap of reasons why this is all great and what is missing from solar systems, but we want to concentrate on something else we think is really exciting...

The off-grid data centre we are doing is 100% powered by 48V DC. So we are taking the power stored (which is 48V DC) and powering the server, fans, lighting etc in 48V DC (yes you can buy all the hardware if you look hard enough and buy enough of them).

The outcome is insane in terms of the efficiency we are achieving. It makes total sense.

So we are now trialling the same for our houses, and in turn the factories / aquaponics / MediHive etc etc. The idea for the houses is:

  • all lights, fans, direct wired heaters, pumps, Ai. automation, etc etc will be powered by DV (most likely 48V, but we may be forced to go to 24V just due to availability of LED down lights and other consumables).

  • all GPOs (power points), oven circuit etc will be 240V AC

Fusion has 2 outputs, 1 DC the other AC via a built in inverter which will only convert what is consumed by the AC circuits.

So we will be rolling this out to all homes as soon as possible, as early as next month. We are really excited about this - mostly because its a global solution that is actually quite simple (and obvious)

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