Crane Potentials

Been researching what lifting capabilities we will have. This was really the topic that started this whole carbon fibre discussion in the first place.

Early calculations have a max module size (we can do bigger but just dont want to) of 12m x 4.5m being around 2,270kg for the main structure. On top of this add cladding, windows, flooring, kitchen etc - say another 2 tonne (more than enough).

The net result is modules with max weight of around 4.5 tonne which is fantastic.

Initially we wanted to create something that was very light and strong so that it could be craned into position over a long distance (something that cannot be done with current modular). This is ideal for unit development or custom (massive) homes, lifting over power lines, extensions in rear of property etc etc.

I have selected 3 size cranes to show you how easy it is to execute what we set out to achieve:

70T Crane (reasonably normal size crane)

Approx 25m of distance - not bad.

130T Crane - (Getting serious now)

Approx 39m. Long as a reasonably common Melbourne block depth.

250T Crane (shit just got real...)

Approx 60m!!! Damn...

The other thing to point out is with current / traditional modular done in Australia, they have issues with stability of the structure of the house mainly in the walls when they are exposed to forces in directions not intended to (as seen when lifting / crane etc). With the composite / carbon fibre system the house / module is basically a monocoque and strong in all directions. Pretty much you can (accidentally) bump the module into the house next door and it will simply 'bounce off' un-damaged. So none of this crane data above is scary to this system at all.


Most of what we have set out to do in terms of creating a light but strong modular housing system seems to becoming a reality.

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