What better than just rebuilding, but being part of something significant in terms of saving our planet in style.

Prior to this blog we at Atomic 6 were to keep low profile and simply help. Help with direction. Help with permits. Help with some design. The problem is our new house tech is cool and almost everyone who has reached out to us want more information on our solutions. So here is some very basic info. Please contact us direct for more information, as we are often in these bush-fire areas meeting the locals, understanding the issues and emotional obstacles.

The main thing that we have learnt is that the residents need to have options and not be told what they need. So we are working around the clock designing bush-fire specific buildings that will exceed BAL-FZ in collaboration with the locals that witnessed first hand the way the severe fires acted and destructed. More to come.

Before we go into designs, please be assured that what you see below will be same cost as any traditional house, but just quicker and filled with cool stuff. All factory made (will provide more info soon on local factories and local displays).

The houses dont have to be off-grid; this is an option.

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This crazy design is actually quite practical. Could be used for temp accommodation, permanent house or even as a portable home if using adjustable legs as shown above. Jam packed with all our tech, this is based on the same modules we are about to mass produce for another project.

The centre could be an internal greenhouse or left open as a living room or what ever. We are developing 'smart glass' option for this to power the glazing for translucent or clear, this way you can control the sun exposure plus privacy.

We will be able to build these quick and will be surprisingly affordable, even with all the solar, batteries and water elements to make this truly off-grid.

This house is my favourite. Very smart in terms of what and why you see these non-conventional elements. A couple in the Upper Murray region have engaged Atomic 6 to do this, permits already in process, cant wait to start. Central pyramid glazed area has a kitchen below, could be many things underneath.... Rooftop garden is to help blend into nature, while also providing insulation and fire resistance (cheap to do also for our system).

This floor plan was provided to Atomic 6 and we converted to owners needs. Showing this design to illustrate we dont just do crazy new innovative outcomes, but can do more traditional. This house still has solar roof and most of our tech inside.

This house is for another bush-fire victim in Upper Murray. Floor plans and brief provided. Use of rustic corrugated cladding with solar roof. Nice blend. Some roof top garden also. Crazy glazed bathroom walls with massive ceilings - this was very important part of brief.

This is a 32 square 5 bedroom home with heaps of decking. We limited the solar to just the main part of the house, as any more solar would just be complete overkill. Currently a 14kW solar system. Cladding a mix of Corten and stack stone. Plan sketch provided by client.

This one still has a little more work left, cladding not specified yet. But another local wanting a greenhouse part of their structure. Entry is via the greenhouse walking on decking. Lots of glass. Completely off grid.

This is a smaller version of the earlier pyramid glass house. Done to a provided floor plan, to a desired budget. A lot of bang for your buck in this off-grid, easy to build house.

Its fantastic to see these communities lead the way in green, sustainable living. Their desire to adopt new technology while being luxuriously off-grid puts the 'rest of us' to shame. Loving being part of this process, awesome people!

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