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Met with a local (well known) adhesive company today who have the 'perfect' adhesive for what our system requires. We found many from overseas but concluded that we did not trust their claim with adhesive properties.

This adhesive is an acrylic adhesive (we didnt consider acrylic before) and has heat resistance up to around 200deg before it starts to deteriorate.

The real exciting thing about this adhesive is it has an initial cure of 15min - 30min which is essential for our long term plan of doing production line construction. Full cure is 24 hours which is fine.

This company had 2 options for us that both achieved 200deg heat resistance, one had slightly higher strength MPa which is something we dont need high values as our surface areas are so much - the other adhesive had a lot better impact resistance which we felt would be a better attribute to have.

Picking up the test samples tomorrow so test for our requirements. All looking good to lock this requirement into our system for certification.

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