Apologies for lack of blogs of late. Heaps going on - mostly setting up the factory and starting the manufacturing process.

A significant amount of R&D has occurred over the past couple of months, this is mainly as we start test pieces and small scale product, we are sometime discovering better ways to do things, but other times coming across hurdles. Most hurdles are larger scale manufacturing processes - as we start to ramp up, the overwhelming task of making raw materials on the massive scale we have set out to achieve is quite daunting.

Today we have finished our first production scale carbon fibre beam machine which we are very proud of (sorry, no pics to go on our website of these machinery that essentially we have had to design, trial and improve as they have never been done before). As I type this we have a CF beam getting made.

Have to say that Henkel (German / Aussie company who make Loctite product) have been brilliant and really helped with refining ideas and specific product.

Test pieces now completed:


  • AS 1530.3 Fire Test

  • Thermal

  • (by Wednesday we will have the 2 larger pieces for AS1530.4 Fire and Acoustic being the last 2 required for compliance)

Deakin University (structural)

  • Compression

  • Out of Place Bending

  • Carbon Fibre Structure - coupons

Henkel (bonding)

  • 30 x Fibreglass Coupons

  • 30 x Carbon Fibre Coupons

  • 2 x large Z-Fibre pieces (peel and tensile)

Next we will work on large scale wall production. Sounds simple, but one of our largest challenges. We have an idea / possible solution, just need to manufacture the mould and test it...

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