Atomic 6 Pty Ltd is in part an R&D company, part manufacturing company dedicated to finding excellence in cutting edge construction technology. This is mainly via the use of Carbon / Basalt Fibre (or composites)

in construction structures while creating the new benchmark for  sustainability and renewable energy. 

Carbon is the 6th Atom on the periodical table; hence our name "Atomic 6". 

This technology will be made available to building designers and local builders via cooperative arrangements allowing the current infrastructure of the building industry to align with the new.

Via the use of automated manufacturing, aerospace / automotive adhesives and technology normally reserved for super-expensive engineering, we have engineered a system that will revolutionise the building industry in all sectors. 

This innovative system has provided a platform for the incorporation of solar, mass battery storage and other new revolutions that previous timber/steel/concrete construction could not and cannot do. 

If you want to know more about our system and what we achieve, we cannot recommend strongly enough to read a bunch of the blogs. It wont tell you how we are doing things or why this works well, but it goes into reasonable detail of what we have set out to achieve and the results.