Dubbed the 'Hive'. this self-contained medical facility has been developed to bring world-class health to all remote regions. 

Initial design was in response for the need for ICU treatment for COVID-19, however the outcome is significantly more than that, with a radiology wing, dentistry / general health as well as a vaccination wing which is predicted to be the way of the foreseeable future. 

The ICU rooms are built with negative pressure and central nurses viewing station, this is to contain any airborne contaminates. These rooms also double up as normal short / long stay hospital bedding.

The MediHive has off-grid power generation, sewer treatment, water & air purification and built in oxygen supply. 

Current discussions with a number of Pacific region governments are in effect to bring in multiple Hives in strategic locations spread over these countries (most on islands) which in a very short time for little cost, the entire country will get access to medical attention. 

Negative Pressure


VR of the Vaccination area

VR of the ICU Bed ward

More information available in the following 8 videos. 

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