Aquaponics is an incredible system of harmony between plants and fish. The diagram shows the interartion between fish producing amonia (fish poo) which gets broken down by good bacteria into nitrates which feed the plants. 

There is no waste from this system unlike aquaculture or hydroponics which requires full system flushing of water regularily. 

Aquaponics is fully organic, and the way of the future of sustainable agriculture


At Atomic 6, that isn't enough. We've taken this ancient system and added cutting edge tech. The result is mass produced food in a thermally stable, self energised facility. Facilities can be established anywhere in the world and their value exponentially increases wherever water and soil is scarce and sunshine is abundant. Where heat affects normal greenhouses and traditional farms it only serves to enhance the productivity of these Aquaponic installations. 


Completely sustainable vertical farming in a controlled environment such as this 7.2m high solar and wind powered facility results in production volumes and produce quality normally only seen in perfect growing conditions on significantly larger parcels of land.

The walls and roof is clad by solar, over the top of a composite sandwich wall which has incredible strength and thermal properties. It is fully sealed allowing for better control of the environment.