Industrial factories are one of the biggest issues we have with carbon emissions and sustainability world-wide. We talk a lot about residential housing and putting a (1) solar panel on the roof and 'high-five' everyone as thouh we have saved the planet. Residential is easy but only a fraction of the solution.

Atomic 6 are not ready to fully talk or promote industrial factories, as we are busy with other focuses and lack the funding to add factories to our mix. However, the Aquaponic facilities (and to lesser extend the MediHive) are industrial buildings, so we are actively doing this, but not quite ready to provide to the greater market place without funding. 

What we have developed is very similar to a tilt-panel concrete building, with the exception that our walls (panels) are lightweight, pre-clad in solar and pre-wired prior to going to site. They are also incredibly thermal. Pretty much all things that a concrete wall isnt (plus concrete is evil, apart from being heave, slow and expensive). 


Using our proprietary basalt structural profiles, these walls are made from layers of composites, honeycomb cores, air gaps and current development of injecting Argon gas into the cavity between the solar and outer structure of the wall. Incredibly thermal!

Seems complex, but its not really. These can be massed produced on a production line, making them significantly quicker to build a factory, for the same price - the kicker is that you now get free solar power. And of course it needs to come with mass battery storage which is done in 3-phase power which is essential for a factory.

Using the same tech we have developed for off-grid residential homes, we can also get factories off-grid (subject to local council / government waking up and allow it) which includes power, water and sewer. ALL FACTORIES WORLD WIDE NEED TO BE BUILT THIS WAY! This is not something we should aim to achieve by 2050 (to shame Australia) it can happen now. 


Atomic 6 was recently engaged to deliver this factory (dairy processing) using a design done in conjunction with the owner of modular cells which can be expended later. The roof drains to a central point, the ceiling and floor have tracks for adding / removing separating walls. 40% of this facility is cool rooms which requires our incredibly thermal wall system. Solar clad walls.

Below is a design of part of a proposed mega manufacturing plant for Atomic 6 set for the Philippines in late 2022. This will be fully off-grid, and will produce raw materials for our global market as well as act as a distribution centre. 

This will be Atomic 6 leading by example. 


Atomic 6 is also set to build 17 smaller versions of this (below) throughout the Philippines starting May 2022. It will bring employment, economics, local manufacturing and clean energy to the expanded regions.